When we evaluate a large loss for you, we’re thinking about it the same way you are. What is the potential for recovery? How long will it take? Is this case worth the energy, specialized skill and considerable time we will invest in it?

Case selection – the advanced skill of determining which cases are actually worth pursuing – is the critical first step in a disciplined process that minimizes delays and maximizes recoveries for you.

Decades of successful experience give us the ability to quickly and precisely identify profitable cases and the confidence to close files that are not.

Whenever possible, we take immediate control of the on-site investigation following a major loss. We know what evidence to preserve and how to build a solid theory that will drive your case. When evidence ends up in others’ hands, we are skilled in using the doctrine of spoliation to ensure it is preserved – and when it is not, in quickly turning this to your advantage.

By gathering the facts immediately and building a compelling, factual narrative supported by technical experts, we often resolve cases without litigation soon after the first-party claim is concluded.

Fires. Floods. Building collapses. Chemical spills. We’ve honed our skills on virtually every type of large loss, including products liability and data security. We have an extensive network of technical experts who help us delve deeper into the facts of your case to create a clear, persuasive case theory. Combined with our legal knowledge, perspectives from these experts make a vital difference in achieving substantial recoveries.

Is the waiver of subrogation in a specific contract really the last word – or can it be attacked and defeated? Is harsh weather the cause of a building collapse, or did its design fail? These are the kinds of questions we ask every day in evaluating potential cases for our clients. Our talent for determining when to probe deeper consistently leads to 6-figure and 7-figure recoveries for the insurers we serve.

Clear legal writing is a rare and powerful skill. It wins cases and defeats motions by greatly increasing the chances that your theory will resonate with the judge, mediator or opposing counsel.

Time and budget pressures, inattention to detail and lack of skill cause many subrogation attorneys to submit documents that are confusing, inconsistent, boring and just plain hard to understand.

At Gaul & Associates, P.C., we take pride in synthesizing complex legal and factual issues in clear, concise, easy-to-follow reports, briefs, motions and mediation statements.

Through thousands of cases and years of practice, we have honed our ability to make the facts of your case come alive – and our successful track record proves the value of our legal writing skills.

At Gaul & Associates, P.C., we are laser-focused on getting the largest possible recovery for you in the shortest amount of time. Like all successful businesses, we are driven to seek continuous improvements, breaking down the subrogation process to find new efficiencies and techniques for faster file closure and larger settlements.

We have developed proprietary systems to keep cases moving toward successful resolution. Our status reports document exactly where each case stands and where it’s headed next. This level of efficiency and transparency lets you see strategy, milestones and progress at a glance and also keeps our team on top of every essential step in the process.