Subrogation Against Tenants

Subrogation Against Tenants

When can a Landlord’s insurer subrogate against a tenant? This video provides an overview of the “Sutton Rule” also known as the “Implied Co-insured Doctrine;” a court created doctrine which can prevent the landlord’s insurer from subrogating against a tenant. The speaker offers a framework for analyzing the rule and practical tips for deciding whether

3 Keys To Subro File Intake

Hear how a subrogation file starts its life at our law firm. Super Subrogation Paralegal, Nicole LeViere, provides a behind the scenes look at her process for coordinating joint scene examinations and preserving evidence. She discusses the urgency of the process and highlights the many competing interests at play.

Low Hanging Fruit, Houseguests and . . . Subrogation!

Three simple things you can do TODAY to maximize year end subrogation recovery dollars. This video will help you generate more recovery dollars by identifying and focusing on files that should be worked on more, and eliminating, closing or de-emphasizing files with poor prospects for recovery that should be worked on less.